Wanderers of Sorceria Downloads

Download all campaign maps and place them in the 'Campaigns' directory in your Warcraft III folder. All you have to do is run The Frozen Throne and then go to Custom Campaigns. Select your campaign, and you're ready to go.

This campaign requires The Frozen Throne expansion of Warcraft III and patched to version 1.26 or later.

The previous version created for patch 1.24 is available as 2nd Edition.

A version compatible for patch 1.23 is also available (1st Edition), but is no longer being supported.

Book I: The Kingdom of Sorrow

Book II: Tower of the Gods

Book III: Shadow of Flame

Book IV: Rise of the Black Moon

Book V: Dawn of the Three Kingdoms

Book VI: The Lord of Sorceria

Extra Stories

Things that may or may not have happened.

Extra Content

  • Arcana Second Armageddon. (5 MB) High Quality full version of the final boss theme in Book 2.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the campaign not load? Blizzard introduced Warcraft III patch 1.24 which changed a number of things internally in the way maps function in order to close an exploit that could run a virus on your computer. The older versions of Wanderers of Sorceria can be incompatible with this patch. A version working for 1.24 is made available for this purpose, but the older versions which work prior to this patch are still available as well.

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