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News for 11/29/16

Wanderers of Sorceria X2: The Turning Wheel

A new short campaign follows up on The Dark Ocean, The Turning Wheel follows the painfully average person Shion who has to deal with supernatural friends and devious family members to make a dishonest living. Features:

  • 3 campaign missions
  • Slice of life cutscenes featuring characters such as Kanna, Ziel, Miranda, and Ayame, among others
  • Terrans VS Zerg and Protoss VS Zerg. Everyone hates Zerg!

News for 6/11/16

Wanderers of Sorceria X1: The Dark Ocean ~ The Tale of Hokuto Version 1.1 Update

Several bugfixes and graphical updates were made to The Dark Ocean. The fixes include:

  • Chaos Wave completely reworked.
  • Whirlpool no longer damages destructables (and therefore no longer destroys bridges).
  • Cone of Frost works faster than it used to.
  • Divine Storm now properly roots the Hero in place.
  • General Character model updates.
  • Several of the Invaders look more appropriate.
  • The time-out for the switch puzzle is fixed.
  • Several high-value targets don't deal as much damage as they used to.

News for 10/23/14

Wanderers of Sorceria X1: The Dark Ocean ~ The Tale of Hokuto

Taking place following the conclusion of Book 6, The Dark Ocean is a short 4-mission* campaign featuring the esper Hokuto, who woke up in 1575 Feudal Japan at the cusp of a battle that changed the course of the country's history. Allied with Vance of the Shrike Mercenaries, Hokuto is haunted by the dreams of a vast black ocean threatening to swallow her very existence.

* Actual mission count may vary.

News for 09/26/11

Wanderers of Sorceria, 3rd Edition, is now released!

All campaigns from Book 1 through Book 6 are updated. Included in the changes are:

  • Wanderer's Journal. Collect the scattered pages of the Wanderer's Journal and assemble them for unique bonuses throughout the campaign.
  • Achievements. Optional objectives throughout the campaign which can be completed for bragging rights.
  • New Music.
  • New Models. Some units even have new animations. Johan actually has spell animations now.
  • New Splash Art.
  • Improved Soul Powers. Select abilities can even hurt Magic Immune units now.
  • Allied bases join forces with you. Managing multiple bases and economies is a thing of the past.
  • Obelisk gems no longer drop if you already activated an obelisk. You turned it on, it stays on.

Book 1 Changes

  • Revamped skill sets for most Heroes in Books 1 and 2, and additional unlockable classes
  • Class selection is unlocked by defeating Prime Minister Kosseimaru instead of being available immediately
  • Hokuto's class is once again selectable-- however, like Hikaru this is completely cosmetic
  • The Bridge Repair quest in Chapter 1 is re-enabled as an alternative to the WayGate quest
  • The Obelisk in the Epilogue is now also accessable in Chapter 2, part 1
  • New boss in Chapter 2 for high level characters
  • The Messenger in Chapter 5 put on some pounds and can't run as fast as before
  • Enemy Heroes in Chapter 5 no longer come with the items you gave them
  • Chapter 6 B&D section reverted to its original configuration
  • New boss in Chapter 6 for high level characters
  • Chapter 7 sub-bosses completely revamped, with a new sub-boss Destru replacing Keeper Kell

Book 2 Changes

  • Chapter 3 is now split into two parts at their logical dividing point
  • Hard Difficulty Chapter 4 is now much easier than Approaching Impossible
  • Food cap raised in Chapter 5
  • Significant terrain alterations in Chapter 5. The southern rampart is no longer useless.
  • Revamped the Night Dragon bosses in Chapter 6
  • Story intermission in Fight Dragon moved to a more logical location
  • The Epilogue takes place after Fatal Duel instead of Fight Dragon

Book 3 Changes

  • All Summoned Beasts can be empowered by defeating its soul counterpart somewhere in the campaign
  • Additional unlockable classes for Books 3, 4, and 5
  • Murlocs in Chapter 1 are no longer controllable, even if you ally with them
  • Summoner Duel monsters completely revamped
  • Two new extra bosses for high level characters
  • Rebuild of the Chapter 6 Jin general order system
  • Bugfix: Chapter 6 Jin generals will now defend Changsha when ordered
  • Chapter 8 Chaos Legion troops spawn with less frequency
  • Hero adjustment in the AOS stage. No more getting owned by Moon Patrol... sort of.
  • The Obelisk quest in Book 4 Chapter 1 is now in Book 3, Chapter 8

Book 4 Changes

  • Hero selection is done in the Introduction rather than a middle cinematic
  • The conclusion of the Nekurow and Shizuka flashback is available for those who completed the entire campaign
  • The boss fight in Chapter 3 revamped; Guillotine is removed and Soul Eraser will no longer insta-gib
  • Vektra spellcasters in Chapter 5 and 7 can once again summon Prawns
  • The boss fights in Chapter 8 are revamped

Book 5 Changes

  • Arcadian Mana Converters no longer drain mana or act as Healing Totems.
  • Taskmaster Rijik can now be rescued no matter which choice you make in Chapter 1
  • Bugfix: "Valley of Quicksand" plays in Chapter 2 instead of Chapter 4 as was intended
  • Bugfix: The upper bridge in Chapter 4 is now passable
  • Chapter 7 Goblins are now part of the Neo Arcadia faction and are either hostile or neutral depending if you bribed them in Chapter 4
  • Units in Dragon Wing will always hit instead of use Artillary attacks
  • Bugfix: Dragon Wing will no longer crash with a memory overflow error
  • Sub-bosses from Chapter 8, part 5: The Black Dream are slightly stronger than before

Book 6 Changes

  • Items gathered throughout Books 1 through 5 are properly made available
  • Revised Hero class selections
  • New sub-bosses in the Sorceria Core elevator
  • New minimap pings which direct you to objective points
  • Spawn constraints in the South District tug-of-war portion

News for 05/26/11

Updated artwork on the character pages and updated the Music List.

News for 09/03/10

Updated all character pages with design notes. Go ahead and read them if you're interested.

News for 03/03/10

Wanderers of Sorceria Book 6: Lord of Sorceria, is now available for version 1.24 of Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne.

Books 1 through 5 have also been updated with various minor bugfixes and improvements, including:

  • Book 1: Chapter 3's boss battle ends upon luring the boss into the frost trap.
  • Book 2: Chapter 1's flight mission significantly revamped into a Space Invaders-type shooter. All functions are controlled by the arrow keys.
  • Book 3: Summoning duels have changed slightly. All units save Spell Immune units are susceptible to dispel mechanics. Guo Jia also has an expanded pool of summoned beasts he can summon. Kurumi is also significantly more difficult to defeat as she uses more Spell Immune units to defend against dispel mechanics.
  • Book 4: Shion can now destroy trees with an AOE spell instead of only normal attacks. Walls in the Black Moon Temple have been fixed.
  • Book 5: Fixed a memory overflow error involved in the Fire in the Sky mission. No more reinforcements are available for either side on this level for this reason, but the existing allied units have been made more durable to compensate.

All books have additional 2D cutscenes added in various story events.

Thank you for your patience; have fun!!

News for 02/20/10

The website has been updated with much-needed art updates and cleanup.

News for 09/04/09

Updates for Warcraft 1.24 are now available for Books 1 through 4. Go grab it at the Download page.

News for 04/28/09

Wanderers of Sorceria Book 6 is now released. Go grab it at the Download page.

News for 09/13/07

Addended the 'Secrets' page for Book 5. Updates are being posted in this forum thread: Wanderers of Sorceria Dedicated Update Thread. It's kind of a mini-blog, but I don't like the term 'blog'.

News for 08/22/06

New updates to the Stories, Extras, and Character profiles (Dalles and Razlia) have been added.

News for 07/31/06

Wanderers of Sorceria, Book 5 is now available to download. Check out the Downloads section for details.

News for 01/02/06

Happy New Year! As a sort of gift (and apology for taking so darn long with this) I have released a demo of Wanderers of Sorceria, Book 5. This demo features the first four levels which are completely playable (until you hit the end of the fourth level, that is).

News for 12/10/05

Wanderers of Sorceria, Book 3 is now updated with some major bugfixes and graphical improvements. A similar update for Book 4 is in the works, while Book 5 is moving along smoothly. Thank you for your patience!

  • The Fountain of Restoration now functions like it is supposed to
  • Cinder is now rebalanced across all difficulty levels, and has new graphics
  • Yue Fang has new spell-casting animations
  • Controls in the level 'The Generals of Hei Fei' are improved, doing away with the old movement system
  • All of Cinder's minions and Count Zule's Hero minions have new graphics
  • The graphics for the Chaos Legion's buildings are revamped
  • A new victory condition was added to the 'Siege of Kanai' mission for those of you who don't like waiting for the countdown timer


Book 4 is updated with a bugfix for the Perma-freeze caused by Ebon the Crimson Flame. There is also new art for some of the loading screens.


Several pages updated, including the Credits and some of the character pages. Shizuka and Kurumi pages have new art in them.


I released a bugfix version of Book 3, which will fix the problem with the Magic Switches in the underground maze level to be immune to Detonate. You can now Detonate them again.


Wanderers of Sorceria, Book 4 is now available to download. Check out the Downloads section for details.


Added new character profiles for the Jin generals and some of the Dragon Slayers.


Added new screenshots of Book 4.


Fixed a loading screen error in Book 1.


Several pages updated, including new character bios.


The Frozen Throne version of Wanderers of Sorceria Book 3 is now available. There are several new features in the revised Book 3:

  • New character models and skins
  • Three new playable missions
  • New Introduction cinematic
  • A 'Title' system that changes a Hero's title depending on your actions
  • Further expansion of cause and effect events: your actions will affect later missions, and now you can face the consequences
  • Variable difficulty levels



The Frozen Throne version of Wanderers of Sorceria is now available. Be warned, the download is very heavy.

  • New character models and skins
  • Revised campaign maps
  • Custom unit responses, done by SAVAGE
  • New custom music, including one done by Joel Steudler
  • Book 1 features three all-new levels, including a new secret level
  • SEMPQ EXE that will be used for all parts of the campaign



The final three missions of Book 3 are now available. A summoner tournament, a puzzle dungeon, and a boss you will learn to fear attacking are featured in these missions, as well as certain graphical improvements for some characters and a first peek at Hikaru's new attacks. Welcome to the Jin Empire.



The Wanderers of Sorceria site has been revamped. The first two missions of Book 3 are now available, as well as character profiles of new factions.


The character pages have been updated with the character bios for the Dark Triad.


The character pages have been updated with a skill set table.


Mission 2 has been revamped again.

  • The Hero and Arcadia sides' stories are now interlinked. Instead of doing one side and completing the story, both stories' events now occur in the proper sequence. The story switches between both parties at certain points in the story.
  • You can no longer revive multiple Ziels
  • Crypt Fiends are now rescuable again
  • Player now gains gold while playing the Arcadia side
  • The food cap for Arcadian mercenaries has been increased to 30
  • Named monsters on Arcadia side are slightly stronger.
  • Shion's four bodyguards are slightly stronger
  • Kirin Tank is stronger and can better defend itself
  • Mammonoth is slightly weaker
  • Void Sparks replace Goblin Sappers at the Mercenary Camp
  • Graveyard's gate guards will die automatically when the cutscene is triggered, if they have not been killed before then
  • General graphical improvements to the Graveyard
  • Group of Centaurs previously belonging to Arcadian Army are now Neutral Hostile again

11/08/02: Welcome to the new page layout.

The campaign and website for Wanderers of Sorceria have been updated with a great many changes, fixing several bugs present in the maps and general improvements such as:

  • Finger of Death is now usable in every map
  • Ultimates are enabled for missions 1 and 2
  • New character icons for Hikaru, Shizuka, Hokuto, and Nekurow
  • All maps use the same skins and models for all characters
  • Sazabi has a new skill, Grim Ward, that raises dead units to fight for you
  • Sazabi's Ancestral Guardian spell now displays the correct icon
  • Skill button placements have been fixed
  • Assassins now have the Blink spell
  • Mission 1: Terrain layout has been changed to take into account Hikaru has Earthquake
  • Mission 1: You can now recruit Jubei as a Hero (find out how yourself!)
  • Mission 1: The Blackrock has a new skill set, but still doesn't have enough mana to cast Bladestorm. Hah-hah!
  • Mission 1: New Hero added for 'newgameplus' mode
  • Mission 2: Arcadia side now occurs after Hikaru's party destroys the Kirin Tank
  • Mission 2: Crypt Fiend subquest no longer flags completion if you killed a Crypt Fiend
  • Mission 2: Terrain widened around Altar of Darkness so Scaldar won't get trapped when revived
  • Mission 2: Fixed camera error that occurred when fighting the Red Dragon
  • Mission 2: Set up a force wall in front of the Graveyard so Heroes can't charge in during the cutscene
  • Mission 2: Fixed error where Heroes would walk past the gate during the Kirin Tank cutscene if there were still enemies in range
  • Mission 3a: Kosseimaru can now raise Skeletal Archers and Giant Skeletons
  • Mission 3a: Zande no longer get stuck near the Murlocs
  • Mission 3a: Zande AI no longer starts prematurely
  • Mission 3a: Allied Humans start with higher-leveled Heroes
  • Mission 3a: Zande start with higher-leveled Heroes
  • Mission 6a: Shadow Dragon will show up sooner the more times you die (and therefore make it easier to win)
  • Mission 9a: Changed Salamander to Neutral Passive to keep it from running around
  • Fight Dragon: Heroes are no longer buildable at the Altars


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