Path Branches

Throughout Wanderers of Sorceria you will be presented with several choices that may affect later events down the line. Although the main plot remains essentially the same, some minor details will change in succeeding maps.

Book 1, Chapter 1: If you did NOT destroy the Sacrificial Pit...

  • Lord Darkstorm will appear as allied reinforcements in Chapter 5
  • Lord Darkstorm will appear as enemy reinforcements in Chapter 6
  • Elite Black Sphinxes will appear as guards in Chapter 6

Book 1, Chapter 2: Complete the Concert Sidequest

  • The next level will be the Secret Level

Book 1, Secret Level: Complete the Secret Level

  • Tanya will appear in Chapter 7
  • Tanya will appear in Chapter 8
  • Tanya will appear in Book 2, Chapter 8

Book 1, Chapter 3: Kill Veranda Starshower

  • Veranda will no longer appear in succeeding missions

Book 2, Chapter 2: Kill the Plague Carrier

  • Murlocs will join your army in Chapter 7

Book 2, Chapter 4: Assist Sazabi

  • Shizuka can use Death Spiral in Chapter 8 with the Dragon Horn
  • Sazabi will appear in Chapter 5
  • Sazabi cutscenes will appear in Chapter 6 and 8
  • Viperfang Clan will appear in Chapter 7 as reinforcements

Book 2, Chapter 7: Hikaru gets killed by the boss

  • You will get a different ending

Book 2, Chapter 8: Defeat the final boss

  • Secret Level: Fight Dragon will be enabled
  • Heroes in Book 3 will start with extra items

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