The Sorcerians

There are tales told of extraordinary people that appear in times of troubles. Legends say they wield immense, unimaginable power-- power to save this world, or destroy it. They wander the earth, seeking out something that seems unattainable, and hail from a land far beyond the reaches of normal man. Some say they are blessed by the gods, while others believe they are cursed-- and both may be true. The people have termed their homeland 'Sorceria,' and these wandering heroes and villains are known as 'Sorcerians.'

Book 1 ~ The Kingdom of Sorrow (The Book of Arcadia)

Book 2 ~ Tower of the Gods (The Book of Corona)

Book 3 ~ Shadow of Flame (The Book of Jin)

Book 4 ~ Rise of the Black Moon (The Book of Zanden)

Book 5 ~ Dawn of the Three Kingdoms (The Book of Azorbia)

Book 6 ~ The Lord of Sorceria (The Book of Sorceria)

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Denizens in the Shadow of the Tower

Denizens of Jin

Denizens of Zanden

Denizens of Azorbia

Denizens of Sorceria

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