The Wanderers
Sorcerians who wander the world in search of adventure.
Faction Color: Teal
Hikaru Johan Nekurow Miranda Hokuto

Arcadian Ministry
An organization which overthrew the rightful Queen of Arcadia.
Faction Color: Green
Shizuka Ziel Minister Shion Minister Kanna Minister Mizuki
Prime Minister Kosseimaru Minister Senryu Minister Ayame Minister Chika Master Higure Reiko

Kingdom of Corona
Nerubian allies of the Arcadian Ministry who joined forces following the rebellion.
Faction Color: Dark Green
Queen Corona Lord Scaldar

Zande Witches
Organization of priestesses who pledged service to Queen Arcadia and seek her release.
Faction Color: Red
Matriarch Tendaro Shyron Moonseeker Ebon

Radik Empire
Enemies of the Nerubian Army who attack Corona from their subterranean empire.
Faction Color: Brown
Emperor Radik Asmodyrac Kazgaroth

Kingdom of Azorbia
The most powerful Human kingdom in the world whose ruler disappeared in Sorceria long ago.
Faction Color: Blue
Queen Azorbia Gunther Lightbringer Jenna

Cult of the Black Moon
The most powerful dark organization in the world who seek to restore their past glory.
Faction Color: Dark Green
Abolisher Dragon King Vadis Sokuram

Jin Dynasty
A powerful empire spanning generations, serving a divine emperor.
Faction Color: Purple
Emperor Yuan, Sima Rui Zhang Liao Li Dian Yue Jin Yue Fang
Count Zule Kagero Kotetsu Kasumi Kurumi

The Non-Aligned Tribes
A scattered group of non-human tribes who fight against the oppression of humanity.
Faction Color: Light Blue
Iron Troll Sazabi Rokusaburo Bannon Jarek Shadra

The Dark Triad
A secret pact of powerful beings who work to bring about revolution in the heavens.
Faction Color: Black
Sypha Blade Cinder of Kibarak Deathclaw

Governors of Sorceria
Prisoners in their own domains, the Governors' word is law in thier own districts.
Faction Color: Orange
Lord Braddle Lady Veraft Duke Shivak Prince Ingram

Dragon Slayers
A loose confederation of warriors dedicated to preventing the Age of Chaos.
Faction Color: Yellow
Dalles Metallus Xevious Garm Surtur
Nargul Gorbash Clench Tessai Miyuki
Nara Sorana Razlia

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