Model Kits

Plastic model kits used as custom kitbash fodder to recreate Wanderers of Sorceria characters. Included are Bandai kits for Figure Rise Standard, 30 Minute Missions, and 30 Minute Sisters, Kotobukiya's Frame Arms Girl and Megami Device lines, and Eastern Model A.T.K. Girl among some random bits here and there.

UPDATED 3/3/2024: New pictures: Hikari, Kurumi, Kurumi (Idol), Miranda (Idol), Hana, Riko, Misc Characters.

UPDATED 10/14/2023: New pictures: Gina.



Armored Form (Magatsuki Kikka), 2, 3

Gothic Lolita, 2,Gothic Lolita (tenative version), Sweet Lolita, Princess Dress, Sorcerian P3 Costume

Maid, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Lobster Armor Form, 2

Bunny Suit, Shojo Style

Base model is ATK Girl JW-021 Swordsman spare body dressed in Daiso doll clothes pink kimono and hakama dress, with feet and swords from ATK Girl Arachne Kimono set. Faceplate is custom painted based off a spare plate from Figure Rise Standard Shion Shishibe, the hair is a painted 30 Minute Sisters Long Hair (Navy), and the scarf and ribbon are custom made.

Shojo Style

Shojo School Uniform, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Shojo (Mischievous), 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Shojo (New Face), (New Bangs)

Shojo Sailor Fuku, 2, 3, 4

Base model is Sousai Shojo Ritsuka ~ Dreaming Version Noble Rose. The skirt is painted purple (two shades) over the original chocolate brown. Her bangs are modified and recolored from the Sousai Shojo Wig Set A kit.

Zande Shizuka

Succubus, Old Wings

Witch Form, 2

Base model is MSG Tops and Bottoms set, a spare torso and hair from JW-021 set, arms and tail from 30 Minute Sisters Rishetta, legs from ATK Girl Serqet. Chest is a spare ATK Girl Spare Body chest piece repainted (and still has pointy boobs). The fluffy wig and faceplate are custom. The boa is a fuzzy worm toy. The Witch form uses two boas and a custom made dress basically made around an ATK Girl Spare body (so she can't get out of it without cutting her out).

Tsukihime (Moon Princess) Selene

Black Kimono, Old Version

Armored Form (obsolete)

Base model is ATK Girl Serqet wearing ATK Girl Arachne Kimono (the two are sister sets so they work perfectly with each other). Scarf and ribbon is custom made.



Alternate, 2

Base model is 30 Minute Missions Spinatio Sengoku type. The weapon is from Star Wars Black Series Kylo Ren while the rest is from MSG Magia Blade. The samurai armor is from the MSG Samurai Armor kit. Head is from Sousai Shojo Wig Set A (purple) with eye decals from Frame Arms Girl Magatsuki Kikka. The head turned out more mannish than I expected so I had to find a way to attach it to Spinatio's body (using a 5mm poly-ball inserted into a cylinder piece glued to Spinatio's chest).



After Story Older Kurumi, Idol, Old Version

Armored Form Seiryu

Succubus, Old Version, 2

Chinese Gown (Qipao)

Sailor Fuku, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

Bunny Suit, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Base model is 30 Minute Sisters Tiasha wearing the Gym shirt from ATK Girl Titans and skirt from ATK Girls Casual Wear. The guns are from Spinatia set with barrels from Cielnova set and Cielnova weapons set. The scarf is a fuzzy worm toy.

Armored form is a modifield 30 MS Far Farina with parts from Tiasha and Tiasha option bodies.



Armored Form (Witch Darkness), 2, Bodysuit

Maid, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Chinese Gown (Qipao), 2

Bunny Suit, 2

Base model is ATK Girl JW-059 Archer spare body dressed in custom crafted clothes. The necklace is made from an accessory from a Daiso princess dress and a twist tie from a Transformers toy. The naginata is made out of spare parts from the Archer set. Her Armored Form is Megami Device Magical Witch Darkness.

Kanna's Maids

Maids, Qipao, Twins, Naked Apron, Apron (Back)

Armored Form (JW-059 Archer)

Gym Clothes, Casual Wear (NSFW)

The result of having both ATK Girl JW-021 and JW-059 sets is you get a lot of heads with lilac bowl cuts. While I've tried to vary things a bit by modding some of them and using them for other things, I can't escape the fact that I've got a couple of girls lying around with identical haircuts and faceplates. Therefore, they're being treated as original characters as Kanna's Maids, as she comes from a wealthy (if traditional and backward) family. There are at least two maids and they are around Kanna's age and are required to wear those wigs as part of their uniform. They also train with Kanna as part of her duty as a samurai princess so they can fight, too.

Both Kanna and Shizuka have had to dress as said maids in the past as part of a lost bet (which was previously depicted in the past-- also with bowl cut wigs, funny enough).



Alternate Arms, 2, 3, 4

Base model is Figure Rise Standard Shion Shishibe with Modeling Support Goods Flexible Arms attached to it (with parts from a total of four different sets, most notably Flexible Arm A and Flexible Arm B). The glasses are custom made from a plastic lid and the faceplate custom painted.

New head is a 30 MS option hair on a WAVE 4mm ball joint. Shion will never have an 'armored form' because having tentacle arms is basically his.



Armored Form, 2 (Old Version), 3, 4 (Old Head), Back

Base model is S.H. Figuarts Cowboy Bebob Vicious. Fan and cloak are custom made. Armored Form is 30 MS Rishetta (formerly ATK Girl Serqet) with Modeling Support Goods Crash Cloak and 30 MS Heavy Armor option parts.

Yue Fang


Armored Form (Backpack), Alt 1, Alt 2, Alt 3

Chinese Gown (Qipao)

Base model is ATK Girl JW-021 Swordsman. Alternate is ATK Girl Spare Body with one of the Qipao and a recolored hair and head from SOL Road Runner.



Armored Form (ATK Girl Titans)

Chinese Gown (Qipao), 2, 3 (New Hair)

Casual Wear, 2

Base model is ATK Girl Titans. Alternate is ATK Girl Spare Body with one of the Qipao and Medium Hair (Brown) from 30 Minute Sisters.



Armored Form (Old Version), 2

Casual Wear, Old Version, 2 (Hakama only),

Base model is HG Mobile Doll May with custom painted face. New version is rocking a 30 MS head and hair part.



Armored Form, 2

Bunny Girl

Schoolgirl (Old)

Base model is Sousai Shojo Madoka Yuki (Summer Version). I had in mind in her background to be into rhythmic gymnastics, but in all honesty her body type is ill suited for that. Ever since then her tinker side became prominent in Wanderers of Sorceria, so she's leaning a bit more into a gadget girl or engineer type. Like Chika, though, she is into cosplay.



Santa Outfit


Retro PE Uniform

Base model is Sousai Shojo Madoka Yuki (Summer Version) spare parts. In her background Chika's extracurricular activity was tennis player, but this is practically never used as she's decidedly a lazy slob. However, she is into cosplay, so dressing as a cheerleader for that purpose still fits.



Armored Form (Bunny), Magical Girl Magia Blade, Slave Collar, Clown Suit, Idol (Old Version)

Bunny Suit, 2, 3, 4


The idol costume is Megami Device Magical Baselard with MD Magical Girl Darkness's face plate. The microphone is a piece of runner with a 30 Minute Missions polycap ball on it.

Base body (Armored Form) is Megami Device Magical Girl Darkness. For the Idol costume, it is ATK Girl Casual Wear clothing. For the Bunny Suit, base model is MSG Tops set, legs from SOL Road Runner, head from Magical Girl Darkness (hair repainted). The costume is Azone Bunny Suit (Red). Basically unlike the others I had to work around the dimensions of the costume to get the desired result.




Base model is 30 Minute Missions Portanova Marine Type. Added new version with a head from Spinatio and mask/hat from the Sengoku Armor kit.

Kasumi (Suzaku)


Armored Form Suzaku, Old Version, 2, 3 (Large Claw Version)

Base model is Figure Rise Standard Gundam Build Divers Ayame with a custom painted face and hair. She is primarily made out of spare parts from the Ayame set which have almost enough parts to make another body. Armored form is 30 Minute Sisters Tiasha mixed with thighs from Rishetta, Tiasha's spare body, and Tiasha armor set, with the head from Sousai Shojo Wig Set A (red/orange wig).

Kagero (Byakko)


Armored Form Byakko, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (Rail Cannons)

Base model is 30 Minute Missions Spinatia with 30 Minute Sisters mechanical arms and Mobile Doll May's robot head.

Kotetsu (Genbu)


Old Version, Armored Form Genbu, 2

Base model is Spinatio Assassin type with parts from Neko Busou Fukamori. Base model for the old version is 30 Minute Missions Small Mass Produced Unit with parts from Neko Busou Fukamori and 30 Minute Sisters Luluce face and Tiasha hair.




Kitbashed from various kits, particularly the jacket from Figure Rise Standard Synduality Noir and legs from Sousai Shojo Ritsuka Saeki (Winter Version) Dreaming Style. A schoolgirl in a leather jacket is basically her notable features so this is a fair representation of her.




Base model is 30 Minute Sisters Luluce. Face is from 30MS Rishetta, Hair Set 2, and boobs is from Mobile Doll May. Cape is from ATK Girls Santa Set. Skirt is custom made. Bow is from 30 Minute Missions Assassin kit with the connector piece being MSG Samurai Armor's head piece.



Exorcist Widow, Swimsuit Exorcist

Base model is Megami Device Exorcist Widow.

Count Zule Whitemane


Alternate, 2

Unlike every other character here this is basically Mecha Zule with no organic parts and is an original concept character. Base model is 30 Minute Missions Mass Produced Unit with parts from the Sengoku Armor set, the MSG Killer Beak backpack, and legs from the Dog Support Unit. The claws are from 30 Minute Sisters Heavy Armor set meant for Luluce.

Hana, the Moon Queen


A character from the fiction story Prism: The Second Generation

Riko, the Moonlit Enigma


A character from the fiction story Prism: The Second Generation

Other Characters

Holding spot for other model kits which aren't decided to be a certain character yet.

Megami Device SOL Road Runner

Megami Device Baselard Bunny Ver

30 MS Alka Carti, 2 Stole 30MS Tiasha's body

30 MS Rishetta Casual Wear ATK Girl Casual Clothes

30 MS Luluce Wearing Gunpla parts

Figure Rise Standard Shion Fitted on a 30MS Body with ATK Girl Casual Clothes

30 MS Pink Girl

30 MS Scorpion Girl

30 MS Laranel (Flight Version)

30 MS Ilshana

30 MS Neverlia (Alpha Sisters Phantasm), Casual Clothes

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