A page dedicated to text fiction featuring the characters from the campaign.

Tales from the Wheel

Stories about the characters featured in the campaign.

Tales from the Recluse Cube

Stories about the characters featured in the campaign in alternate situations than the normal world.


White Siren Idol Miranda

  • Main Chapter Miranda is a teenage idol singer, but the world of idols is cutthroat and ruthless.


Shizuka the Fashion Model

Shizuka is a twenty-two year old woman who moved to Tokyo to become a fashion model. Her life up to now was filled with disappointment, but a meeting with a peculiar photographer changes her life in ways she never dreamed.

Part 1

  • Chapter 1 Shizuka is an aspiring model who is down on her luck, but a chance encounter with the photographer, Yuki, changes her forturnes.
  • Chapter 2 Shizuka and Yuki meet the up-and-coming idol singer, Nana, who turns their lives upside down.

Part 2

  • Chapter 1 Yuki and Nana's relationship reaches a fever point while Shizuka's career takes an unexpected turn.
  • Chapter 2 Shizuka makes her biggest break yet in the fashion world, while Yuki tries to sort out her situation with Nana.
  • Chapter 3 As her star rises Shizuka is asked to take part in video games and movies.
  • Chapter 4 Shizuka's popularity as an actress draws the attention of a wealthy socialite, the eccentric and beautiful Kanna. Yuki's feelings are put to the test when Shizuka is cast as a lead in a romance film.

Part 3

  • Chapter 1 Shizuka's work on her second major motion picture stresses her to the breaking point when she puts her all into a gruelling role.
  • Chapter 2 Yuki and Shizuka take a vacation that revisits their pasts and the reasons for moving to Tokyo. Megumi struggles with working at the maid cafe. Erika finds her situation at the mansion changing.
  • Chapter 3 Shizuka and Yuki learn the consequences of being successful. Erika experiences the dark side of modelng.
  • Chapter 4 Yuki's relationships are put to the test when Nana decides to insert herself back into her life again.
  • Chapter 5 Shizuka struggles to deal with romance while her new co-star has eyes on Erika.
  • Chapter 6 When Hikaru invites Shizuka to his graduation ceremony her life becomes a little more complicated.
  • Chapter 7 Shizuka makes a life-changing decision in pursuit of her blooming career.


Prism - The Second Generation

  • The Second Generation Prism, a chaotic duo of sunshine rockstar Akari and moonlit violinist Hana, unleash a rebellion against bland pop, embracing messy joy in the heart of Tokyo.
  • Encore 1 A collection of side stories featuring Prism.
  • Encore 2 With their new financial backing Prism reorganizes into two sub-units.
  • Encore 3 Moonlight Prism attempts to expand their brand.
  • Encore 4 Under pressure to attain mainstream attention Moonlight Prism makes further efforts to refine their image.
  • Encore 5 Prism faces its largest stage yet at the Summer Music Festival.

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