Name Hikaru
Title The Lightbringer
Unit Type Paladin
Age 16
Allegience The Sorcerians
Soul Power Anti-Magic Field
Appearances 1,2,3,4,5,6
Voiced By Lavarinth

Hikaru left his home in the Kingdom of Azorbia when he was 15, wanderlust overtaking him. He travels the land, from country to country, helping those in need whenever possible. Although he has no recollection of his homeland Hikaru never yearns to return home; only to travel, and to help people. However, although he doesn't realize it yet, Hikaru searches only for one thing-- and he may find that something very soon.

Author's Note

He is essentially a tribute to Adol Christin from the Ys series made by Falcom. Hikaru essentially is Adol. The graphic for the book he's carrying is now a Book of Ys.

Hikaru is the traditional Hero character as many fantasy stories come to know it, with all the qualities of the traditional Hero, but with the added edge to give him a sort of realistic quality to go along with it. His developed snarky attitude as the story progresses only goes to show that he and Shizuka are not all that different from each other.


  • Azorbian Bastard Sword
  • Garanteen artifact Long Sword

Books 1 and 2

BTN Holy Light  
BTN Divine Shield  
BTN Devotion Aura  
BTN Soul Finger Ultimate
BTN Earthquake Ultimate

Book 3

Ever since the final battle at the Arcadia Cauldron Hikaru has harbored doubts about his future. Discarding the Order of Tran, and now paladinhood, Hikaru heads south, avoiding the Kingdom of Azorbia, seeking an answer as to why he exists in this world. Convinced that Hokuto's prophecy has yet to come true due to the fact her sister is still at large, Hikaru finds solace in the thought that he will see her again someday, and hopes to find a way to expel Deathclaw and end her lonely existance. However, as he is lacking direction, Hikaru is ready and willing to find whatever the best means to accomplish that goal.

BTN Chain Mana Burn  
BTN Rain of Blades  
BTN Frenzy Aura  
BTN Burning Heat Ultimate
BTN Soul Power Anti-magic Field

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