Portrait Portrait
Name Kuth'kullen the Abolisher
Title Master of the Black Moon Temple
Unit Type Aboleth Gravity Lord
Age Unknown
Allegience Black Moon
Soul Power Death Nova
Appearances 4,5,6
Voiced By Lucien

The undisputed master of the Black Moon Temple, this enigmatic creature practices the dark arts of necromancy, aiming for a dark purpose. His legions of the dead harass the Zande Witches almost constantly, as he plans to take control of their territory through attrition. Not much is known about this creature, as few who catch a glimpse of the Abolisher return to tell the tale.

Author's Note

Kuth'kullen was not initially a M'toran and was primarily based off the Dungeons and Dragons monster, the Aboleth. His placeholder model was that of the sludge monster. He was one of the Heroes I tested in Keys of Sealing and ended up staying in the final version of the game.

BTN Gravity Cannon Deals damage to the target and warps gravity around it.


Transforms a friendly undead unit into a revenant.
BTN Death Flames  
BTN Raise Dead  
BTN Gravity Hold Ultimate. Warps gravity in the vicinity of the caster.
BTN Soul Power Death Nova

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