Name Asmodyrac
Title The First Champion
Unit Type Pit Lord
Age Less than 1 year
Allegience Radik Empire
Soul Power Wall of Fire
Appearances 2

This massive demon was the first to emerge from the Cauldron that joined in alliance with the Radik Empire. Asmodyrac is one of the strongest of the seemingly spontaneously-generated monsters, and without a proper directive, allows Emperor Radik to supply him with one. Asmodyrac now serves as the brutal general of Radik's armies, and he takes pleasure in tearing his opponents limb from limb; he is known by the Nerubians to rip off the legs one-by-one, then pinch their heads between his fingers and pop them off.

Author's Note

More or less just another throwaway opponent.

BTN Shockwave  
BTN Thunder Clap  
BTN Vampiric Aura  
BTN Rain of Fire Ultimate

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