Portrait Portrait
Name Ayame
Title Arcadian Minister of Technology
Unit Type Sorceress
Age 20
Allegience Arcadian Ministry
Soul Power None
Appearances 1,2

Ayame loves tinkering with steam-powered machinery, as it is something simple for her to understand as opposed to the black box that is magic. She promotes engineering new devices designed to facilitate efficiency over all else, but she is also open and willing to try new ideas if the opportunity presents itself.

Author's Note

Mostly a filler character used almost by default. Ayame initially appeared in an old fanfic as the brat of the head of a weapons tech firm and became associated with the Fire Wheel in that fashion-- she sold them weapons illegally, which were in turn sold to the highest bidder. Even back then she was friends with Chika. Probably likes her in that way, at least until they discover men.

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