Portrait Portrait
Name Bannon
Title None
Unit Type Draconian
Age Unknown
Allegience Whitemane Clan
Soul Power Decrepify Curse
Appearances 3

This strange beast beholds a frightening exterior, but inside he is a soft pacifist. 'Bannon' is not his real name; amnesia has robbed this reptilian of his name and past. Lacking direction in the world, unable to create a goal for himself, Bannon wanders the world, doing odd favors both good and ill. Strangely enough Bannon loves observing nature, and tends to spend a lot of time in the wild rather than civilization.

Author's Note

Filler character. I don't remember where I was going with this character or why I spent a whole level on him. I would have removed him entirely in a later revision of Book 3 if it wasn't for the fact I find the idea of his level funny as heck.


  • Heavy Cleaver

BTN Dispel Magic  
BTN War Stomp  
BTN Swiftness Aura  
BTN Rain of Fire Ultimate
BTN Soul Power Decrepify Curse

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