Portrait Portrait
Name Chika
Title Arcadian Minister of Commerce
Unit Type Villager
Age 20
Allegience Arcadian Ministry
Soul Power None
Appearances 1,2

Rumors speculate that she is actually the Minister of Intelligence's step-sister. Despite this relation Chika is a contrast to her step-brother, in that she has relatively few responsibilities, making her the laziest in the Ministry. She remains in power because the government is not dissatisfied with the way she handles things, but Lord Kosseimaru would prefer that Chika take her responsibilities seriously.

Author's Note

A filler character born from an old fanfic; she was automatically inserted purely due to her relationship with two other characters: Shion and Ayame. I imagined her relationship with Shion being antagonistic and Ayame quite platonic, although sometimes I imagine they were a little more than that. Chika is perhaps the most useless character I ever wrote back then, and her only redeeming value these days is as comic relief.

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