Portrait Portrait
Name Cinder
Title Avatar of Suzaku
Unit Type Obsidian Salamander
Age 2,000+
Allegience Dark Triad
Soul Power Suzaku Sky Dance
Appearances 1,3

The creature the humans call 'Cinder' hails from the depths of Hell, from the salamander clan under Lord Kolvar. As Lord Kolvar's finest retainer, and master of the Serpent Blade fighting technique, it is no wonder Cinder became the living embodiment of the awesome god of fire, Suzaku. The god Suzaku's name is unknown to all save the exclusive circles of humanity, and the god's agenda remains unknown, but it is known that Cinder collaborates with the fallen god Deathclaw and the fallen celestial dragon, Sypha, who plans to overthrow the power of the Celestial Emperor and claim the power of the heavens for her own ends. As Cinder commands the loyalties of the forces of the underworld, Sypha has the backing of the denizens of the burning wastes.

Cinder is a powerful warrior, possessing snake-like agility and the keen intellect to match. Some describe his fighting style similar to that of dire wolves. As a living example of Suzaku's power and a pyrokinetic Cinder can control the flame by mere thought, shaping it to his will. However, as he is no god himself there are limits to Cinder's great power, and despite not knowing what the god Suzaku plans for him, this salamander warrior plans to use his abilities to harness more power to better serve his lord and master, Kolvar.

Author's Note

Cinder evolved greatly from his days as a fanfic character; if you asked me back in the day Cinder was a fire elemental I would think you were crazy. I tend to take his reptilian form as akin to the encounter suits used by the Vorlons in Babylon 5.

As for his subordinate role... it goes along the idea of the other rulers I made: Lord Kolvar is not meant to be an interactable character. Lord Kolvar is a faceless entity who is better known through his truly terrifying right-hand man-- a motif which appears several times in Wanderers of Sorceria. .



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