Name Clench
Title The Cogmaster
Unit Type Goblin Tinker
Age ???
Allegience Dragon Slayers
Soul Power  
Appearances 4,5,6

When the Goblin Prince Galar entered an alliance with the Kingdom of Arcadia, Clench, the chief engineer, was assigned to work with the Minister of Technology, Ayame. Combining their knowledge the two developed the Mech Armor, and later the Mech Rider calvary troop. However, with the final defeat of the great Kingdom Clench lost not only his working partner, but his vast fundings, leaving his secret weapon incomplete.

When the Nerubians, who replaced Arcadia in the power vacuum, could not offer a consistent flow of cash, Prince Galar decided to sell his services elsewhere. Clench dreamed of completing his ultimate war machine, and was eventually approached by the Dragon Slayers. The Emissary offered Clench the ability to complete the ultimate golem, Gorbash, in return for his services. Clench readily agreed, his overriding drive to complete Gorbash overcoming common sense.

Author's Note

Clench only came to exist when I discovered the Goblin Tinker Hero was being added to Warcraft 3. After that I made sure to tie him back to the events of the first two Books, where Goblins were present.

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