Name Queen Corona
Title Queen of Coron-Nerub
Unit Type Nerubian Queen
Age 58
Allegience Nerubian Army
Soul Power None
Appearances 1,2,3

The ruler of the Spider Kingdom, like all her subjects, suffer a strange memory loss, yet still rules with an iron fist. Although her kingdom's collapse destroyed most of her power in Arcadia, her rule over the underworld still remains intact, making her something the Arcadians cannot take lightly. During Queen Arcadia's rule Queen Corona secretly despised the benevolent monarch, and conspired with Lord Kosseimaru in order to imprison her. It was Corona who provided the means to secure the queen, and now diplomatic relations between the Nerubians and the surface-dwellers have improved. Lord Kosseimaru hopes to forge an alliance with the spider people.

Author's Note

I don't think I intended for her to die when I wrote her out the first time, but it did open up some possibilities for Scaldar, her super general guy. Otherwise, she was merely another ruler with a face.

BTN Carrion Swarm  
BTN Raise Dead  
BTN Unholy Aura  
BTN Unholy Frenzy  

Book 3

A regime change occurred during the confusion in Arcadia, and a new Queen Corona rose: Velcana Nightweaver. This new Queen studied under Lord Kosseimaru's sorcerers and learned a great deal about humans. Using the fleshlings' lifestyles against them Queen Corona launched a lightning attack against the Dutchy of Artesia, striking without warning and with such speed the Dutchy had virtually no time to react. Filled with confidence while armed with the remnants of the Arcadian technology, Queen Corona aims to control the world, bringing all under the Nerubian flag.

BTN Frost Nova  
BTN Frost Armor  
BTN Dark Ritual  
BTN Death and Decay  


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