Name Dalles
Title The Chaos Emissary
Unit Type Lich
Age ???
Allegience Dragon Slayers
Soul Power Unknown
Appearances 4,5,6

The Chaos Emissary is also known as the Seventeenth Dragon Slayer, the mightiest of all Dragon Slayers who answers only to their master. Little is known about Dalles beside the fact he tries to actively recruit powerful men and women for the express purpose of preventing the Age of Chaos-- or so he tells people.

Dalles is believed to be one and the same as one of the legendary Heroes of Pentawa, a band of adventurers that traveled to Sorceria a long time ago, before the present calamity.

Author's Note

If Arcadia was the character that held the first two Books together, Dalles is the one who holds the later three Books together. His presence is felt whenever a Dragon Slayer is sent to assassinate those touched by the dragon, and his loyalty toward Darm is without peer, even when he disagrees with his master. Unlike his namesake in the Ys series, my Dalles is an honorable character, one who is out to save the world in his own way.

His status as the forgotten leader of the M'tora was intended from the beginning. Dalles is the character that works within the system to make the world a better place as opposed to Hikaru and Shizuka who work against it.

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