Portrait Portrait
Name Deathclaw
Title Lord of the Black Moon
Unit Type Frost Wyrm
Age 2,000+
Allegience Dark Triad
Soul Power Unknown
Appearances 1,2,3,4,5,6

This non-coporeal creature is in fact an ancient, fallen god of death, stripped of his power and cursed to wander the earth as a bodiless spirit. Deathclaw's only chance to experience the living is to possess weak-willed creatures and take over for the rest of the host's natural life. However, the cycle of life-death-undeath came to an abrupt close upon taking possession of the body of a frail young girl whose soul was significantly smaller than the average human. Although she was only four at the time, Shizuka, despite being overwhelmed by the bombardment of thousands of years of experience, trials, and mishaps, easily won the contest of wills over the ancient dragon. While Deathclaw thoroughly hates his predicament, he has grown to care about his host over the years, and made her aware of events that occur beyond mortal ken. Deathclaw cannot exert control over Shizuka unless she falls unconscious; however, since Shizuka is merely a human and requires sleep, Deathclaw does not often find the chance to take over.

Shizuka is in fact the mortal vessel of Deathclaw that is predestined to end the ghost dragon's curse forever. Her weak soul is a splinter portion of Deathclaw's soul that he lost when he fell from godhood, therefore, unlike other hosts, Shizuka can exert control over the dragon.

Author's Note

Some people take his relationship to Sypha as literal, although conceptually this isn't the case. On the other hand there was nothing in my notes that made this impossible by any means (they're both the same race), so it might be true.

I always thought of Sagila being somewhat of a romantic, seeing as how he fell in love with a human. Deliberately, I left his 'living' visage vague since I can't think of a way to make him recognizable without his boney look. As far as doing the deed, in the tradition of the old gods he required his priestesses chastity, not because he wanted to 'do it', but rather to dissuade anyone from taking what may very well be considered his 'wives' from him. As one might imagine, when Selene and Rafe 'did it' he was very pissed off at them both.

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