Name Ebon
Title The Crimson Flame
Unit Type Succubus
Age 27
Allegience Zande Witches
Soul Power None
Appearances 2,4

Ebon the Crimson Flame is one of the most prolific of the Zande Witches. Having been blessed with control of solar energies this powerful woman is ruthless in slaying her enemies, and often attacks alone. She surrounds herself with her own team of crack warrior women, which proves to be more than a match for armies at a time.

Recently, however, Ebon's desires to eliminate the traitor Shizuka have lead her to make a deal with the devil....

Author's Note

Ebon is purely a clone of Balnazzar, that's it. She's a filler 'boss' type character, is all. When I added her to a revision of Book 2 Ebon's presence probably made the level much more difficult than it was originally, making it, in TVTropes terms, That One Level.


Solar Flare

BTN Rain of Chaos  
BTN Critical Strike  
BTN Sunstroke Ultimate

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