Name Emperor Radik
Title Emperor of the Radik Empire
Unit Type N/A
Age 66
Allegience Satyr Army
Soul Power Unknown
Appearances N/A

Emperor Radik is the shadowy leader of the Satyr empire. Surface-dweellers have never seen this wicked leader, only hear rumors. It is speculated that perhaps he doesn't truly exist, that the Satyr shout out his name in war cries in order to scare their victims. Despite his dubious existence, it is commonly attributed that he is the one who directed the Satyr to tame the vicious Shadow Hydrae and Carrion Birds, as well as the one who concocted the plague spreading amongst the Arcadian populace.

Author's Note

Radik was never meant to appear, and in fact, doesn't appear. His character is defined purely by his minions, mostly Kazgaroth. I only wish I knew what was so great of him to inspire such loyalty in his people even at a moment of weakness.

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