Name Garm
Title The Sniper
Unit Type Rifleman
Age ???
Allegience Dragon Slayers
Soul Power  
Appearances 3

Commonly believed to have been involed with the Yellow Turban rebels, Garm is a dwarf who wields a custom boomstick-- one which resembles a sniper rifle on Earth. A long-ranged fighter obsessed with guns and explosions, Garm's single-mindedness earned him a reputation as an assassin who always gets his kills-- for the right price, of course.

Garm favors the 'one shot, one kill' philosophy, and goes to great lengths to make absolutely certain he can terminate his prey. He joined the Dragon Slayers when they approached him, fearful of the tales of an Age of Chaos which a certain undead dragon god could bring about if he was allowed to roam unchecked.

Author's Note

A filler character, just a boss, and nothing more. His later importance only came when I added Surtur to the Dragon Slayers.

BTN Sniper Shot  

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