Name Gorbash
Title The Eternal
Unit Type Flesh Golem
Age ???
Allegience Dragon Slayers
Soul Power  
Appearances 4,5,6

Called the 'ultimate golem' by his creator, Clench the Cogmaster, Gorbash became a member of the Dragon Slayers by default. Unlike most other golems, Gorbash is infused with an extremely powerful soul, giving the war machine the drive to fight and win in combat.

Gorbash is known as 'the Eternal' due to the fact that Clench designed him in such a way that, if Gorbash were to be defeated in combat, it would take little work to revive the war machine.

Author's Note

Believe it or not, he existed before Clench! Gorbash was always meant to be the Ultimate Golem, but having an obsessive creator was an added bonus. He was based off of Asgard, a character in Wild ARMS 3, although he never did get the skills he was intended to get (Barrier Flood and Focus Barrier in Keys of Sealing).

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