Name Lord Gunther Lightbringer
Title Regent General of Azorbia
Unit Type Paladin
Age Unknown
Allegience Kingdom of Azorbia
Soul Power Mass Holy Light
Appearances 5

The most respected of the Tran Paladins, Lord Gunther is also the adopted father of Hikaru. He took in Hikaru and raised him to become a paladin following his footsteps, but after a heated arguement Hikaru stormed out of the castle gates, never to be seen again. Frustrated in his young pupil, Gunther hopes one day Hikaru will come to his senses and return to Azorbia to resume his training as a paladin, but Gunther recognizes that Hikaru's inner demons may serve to undo him.

Author's Note

His existence was necessitated by Hikaru's backstory. At first he was just another stereotypical paladin, but Hikaru's nature made it so he had to be at least a little forgiving and particularly heroic. Making him the end boss of Book 5 was pure gold, especially since I could reference World of Warcraft when he tries to use the infamous 'bubblehearth' tactic used by cowardly paladins in said game.


  • Tran War Hammer

BTN Combustion  
BTN Redemption  
BTN Devotion Aura  
BTN Illusion Dance Ultimate
BTN Soul Power Mass Holy Light


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