Portrait Portrait
Name Hokuto
Title Shadow Weaver
Unit Type Archmage
Age 22
Allegience Unknown
Soul Power Glacier Explosion
Appearances 1,2,3,4,5,6
Voiced By Kate Petersen

Very little is known of the enigmatic Shadow Weavers; to the arcane mages they are known to chronicle history as it is occurring, hiding in the shadows themselves in order to carry out their tasks. However, the awesome shadow power must be used responsibly; there are those renegades existing who do not heed the creed of the Shadow Weaver. Hokuto is one such person, and her goals are unknown.

She is also known under the alias 'Xingdao Fan.' It is unknown whether this is her true name, or if 'Hokuto' is itself an alias.

Author's Note

Hokuto swings both ways-- she is attracted to both Hikaru and Shizuka, perhaps because she realizes early on that they are very much alike and they both possess the qualities she find attractive. Of course, the main quality is the fact neither one like people dictating their life stories-- something Hokuto is constantly shackled to. Perhaps she sees in them a way to escape her own fate.

In an aborted plot thread, Hokuto would've been far older than she appeared, and her GRANDMOTHER was involved in the war in the past with the Mekani. In another aborted thread she would've been Yue Fang's real life relative, but in that I eventually saw no point to it other than make an explicit Six Degrees of Separation when it seemed more attractive making Yue Fang the actual exception of the main cast.

Books 1 and 2

BTN Wind Walk  
BTN Far Sight  
BTN Thorns Aura  
BTN Dark Summoning Ultimate

Book 3

BTN Wind Walk  
BTN Far Sight  
BTN Teleport A weaker version of Mass Teleport.
BTN Dark Summoning Ultimate
BTN Soul Power Glacier Explosion

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