Portrait Portrait
Name Johan
Title None
Unit Type Villager
Age 23
Allegience The Sorcerians
Soul Power Guardian Bit
Appearances 1,2,3,5
Voiced By Edwyn

Johan is reknowned as a thief on the scale of Robin Hood-- he robs caravans as if it were a game, and gives the spoils to those who need it. He has no home; Johan lives off the land, and wanders from here to there, doing his good deeds whenever he can, moving on when the law gets wise to him. Johan lives for the sport of life, never looking back or wondering when he can find a place he can call 'home.'

Author's Note

If Hikaru is modeled after Adol, Johan is modeled after Dogi, Adol's brawny traveling companion. The two are the so-called 'Wanderers from Ys' and they share many adventures together. In some cases it could be that Johan might be a more heroic character.

Johan existed previously as a character in a fanfic I wrote, and his primary method of fighting was based off of dancing. Since that wouldn't come across very well in Warcraft 3, he was recast as the strong bruiser, but in some ways he took a page from Cliff Fittir (from Star Ocean Till the End of Time) and isn't simply a brawny moron.


  • Ring of Azorbia artifact Ring

Books 1 and 2

BTN Storm Bolt  
BTN Thunder Clap  
BTN Bash  
BTN Avatar Ultimate

Book 3

Now that he found a new traveling companion the wanderer Johan has found a purpose. Knowing that Hikaru has lost his sense of direction Johan tries to keep an eye on his young friend, hoping to help steer him back onto the path of light. After the events of the Cauldron Johan is wary of the Nerubians of Coron-Nerub, and hopes to travel to the Jin empire in the south to find shelter from the empire he and his friend helped create.

BTN Storm Bolt  
BTN Thunder Clap  
BTN Pilfer Steals resources when attacking buildings.
BTN Avatar Ultimate
BTN Soul Power Guardian Bit

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