Portrait Portrait
Name Kanna
Title Arcadian Minister of War
Unit Type Ranger
Age 25
Allegience Arcadian Ministry
Soul Power None
Appearances 1,2
Voiced By Spaces

Kanna relies much on the Minister of Intelligence in order to carry out her operations, as she is obsessed with becoming the perfect field marshal. She spends much of her time observing people while mingling with them as if she were no more important than they were, and for this Kanna has won the hearts of many people. It is not an uncommon sight to see her tilling the field along with the rest of the farmers. As Kanna states, it is from humility one can distance themselves from arrogance such that they can take advantage of foes. Called the Phoenix by the Resistance, one of the two great beasts who protects Kosseimaru's regime.

Author's Note

Kanna existed previously as a fanfic character. Her original color scheme was lavander instead of orange, but the orange made her more distinctive. In her original inception she was a major geek for Three Kingdoms, a Chinese epic novel. While some of that remains, most of that trait was passed on to a similar character, Yue Fang, who ended up using it a lot further.

Kanna is secretly in love with Shion, but knows that Shion and Shizuka are mutually attracted to one another, and doesn't wish to get in the way of that, especially since she also likes Shizuka a lot. If she is patient enough, she might just get her way in the end....


  • Death Scythe Composite Voulge

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