Portrait Portrait
Name Kasumi
Title Third of the Kagero Clan
Unit Type Blademaster
Age 16
Allegience Kagero Clan
Soul Power Flame Wave
Appearances 2,3,4,5,6

A surprisingly-cheery, naive, and somewhat ditzy kunoichi (female ninja). Kasumi is the youngest member of the Kagero female ninja team, and as such she is the least experienced in the ways of the world and is often picked on by her clan sisters. She earned the self-fulfilling role of a cat after her sisters gave her a cat bell to wear around her neck, both to make noise (and therefore fail in all stealth) and to keep them informed where she is during training exercises-- Kasumi is too enamored of this 'gift' to give it up, and has taken to wear more bells. As a total incompetent as an assassin her superiors are looking for ways to make her useful.

Author's Note

Kasumi was originally going to assume the role that Kurumi inevitably filled, even with her own subplot intact. However, as I kept going her personality grated on me more than I anticipated, and, combined with the fact I took a liking to Kurumi, I decided to shelve her.

She was always intended to be a traitor and a man, but she would've also kept going with Shizuka regardless. The choice to leave her behind was just an added bonus, and a nice way for me to make a certain portion of Book 5 drastically change.


  • Jin Naginata

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