Name Kazgaroth
Title The Second Champion
Unit Type Eredar Warlock
Age Less than 1 year
Allegience Radik Empire
Soul Power Wall of Fire
Appearances 2,4

Another demon spawned from the Cauldron, Kazgaroth is one of the generals under Emperor Radik. Unlike Asmodyrac's sheer cruelty and brutality in battle Kazgaroth's style is that of a true general who sits behind the lines, sending wave after wave of his loyal soldiers to overwhelm his enemies. He prefers to use strategy in combat rather than brute force, and tries his best to stay one step ahead of his enemies. Only Kanna can surpass Kazgaroth's strategic genius.

Author's Note

Kazgaroth was simply another filler boss, but I decided to keep him around instead of killing him in order to give a more personal face to the enemy Satyr. His story in Book 6 was created later, although it really did fit in the grand scheme of things.

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