Name Kosseimaru
Title Arcadian Prime Minister
Unit Type Necromancer
Age Unknown
Allegience Arcadian Ministry
Soul Power Frost Wave
Appearances 1,2

The Prime Minister was the one who truly wielded political power during Queen Arcadia's reign, therefore it was no surprise at the ease that this lord could sieze power for himself. Forging alliances with each of the other six ministers and ensuring their loyalties this enigmatic man managed to capture the queen and put down any uprising in the state with minimal effort. Kosseimaru secretly studies the necromantic arts with designs to raise an Army of the Dead by which to conquer other nations with, but is not above using other conventional and magical methods to carry out his will.

Author's Note

Originally a fanfic character, he was a bone demon, called the Oracle of Bone. In that place he was one of Shizuka's demon targets and put up a great fight before finally going down.

BTN Frost Nova  
BTN Frost Armor  
BTN Dark Ritual Also increases the power of Kosseimaru's Raise Dead.
BTN Raise Dead Kosseimaru can raise more powerful Undead soldiers as he grows in levels.
BTN Death and Decay Ultimate

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