Name Kotetsu Genbu
Title Second of the Kagero Clan
Unit Type Assassin
Age 18
Allegience Kagero Clan
Soul Power Hydra Storm
Appearances 3

As the second-in-command of the ninja team Kotetsu is a powerful assassin, second only to Kasumi. Thanks to her jealousy, Kotetsu purposefully sabotages Kasumi's missions in order to help convince Kagero that she is the reliable one. Kotetsu cannot believe that someone as clueless as Kasumi could be a better assassin than her, wishing that Kasumi wouldn't treat their jobs like a game.

Author's Note

She's simply a filler boss, disposable. Kotetsu was so disposable that her character slot was usurped by Sorana in later builds of the game.


  • Crescent Moon Witch Staff

BTN Shockwave  
BTN Sleep  
BTN Renew Life  
BTN Illusion Dance Ultimate
BTN Soul Power Hydra Storm

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