Portrait Portrait
Name Kunoichi Kurumi Seiryu
Title Fourth of the Kagero Clan
Unit Type Assassin
Age 15
Allegience Kagero Clan
Soul Power Bolt Wave
Appearances 3,4,5,6
Voiced By Azure

The youngest of the Kagero ninja team, Kurumi is the weakest among her peers physically, but she is the strongest magic-user. Her hobby is summoning. Despite the fact she is a ninja Kurumi uses little stealth in her approach, preferring to kill her victims indirectly with illusions and toxins, as she cannot stand the sight of blood. In part due to this method of killing, Kurumi has yet to face the reality of life and death.

Where magic fails, Kurumi has a pair of wheel lock dragoon pistols as defensive measures. Although the nature of the wheel locks guarantees a slow, drawn-out battle, Kurumi has practiced the two gun technique, using both her pistols against a single target for a concentrated attack. It is said her dragoon pistols were a prize from assassinating a dwarf inventor, but it was in fact a gift for protecting the speculated inventor while on contract.

Author's Note

Kurumi was never intended to be the third, unsung hero-- it was actuall Kasumi in that position. However, when I wrote out her duel with Kurumi Shizuka did something rather unexpected and offered to bring her along, and that's when I realized I could do something with her. Since Hikaru's 'real life' backstory was nonexistant, I tied her to him.

With Kurumi I inserted a certain 'Alice in Wonderland' motif into the campaign which I found rather attractive, and I centered the well-known characters with a counterpart among Kurumi's associates: Shizuka the White Rabbit, Hikaru the Hatter, Yue Fang the Queen of Hearts, Kasumi the Cheshire Cat. Zule would've had the motif of the Caterpillar, but I never went anywhere with that. In a certain point of view each of those characters fill the role for Kurumi.


  • Dwarven Pair Wheel-lock dragoon pistols

BTN Soul Blight  
BTN Replicate  
BTN Spellbook Allows Kurumi to use minor spells.
BTN Chaos Sentinel Ultimate
BTN Soul Power Bolt Wave

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