Name Li Dian
Title ???
Unit Type Paladin
Age ???
Allegience Jin Dynasty
Soul Power Hydra Storm
Appearances 3

A general who became famous in the chaotic era surrounding the revival of the Jin Dynasty. Li Dian followed his father, who answered the call of the Prime Minister to restore control of the land to the Jin Emperor. When his father grew too old to take to the battlefield, Li Dian took his place.

Although Li Dian was a distinguished officer, he often did not take credit for his own deeds, and instead allowed others to entertain the benefits. He acted as a father figure to his junior officers, often brokering sage advice that more often than not proved to be invaluable. His clear-thinking earned him the respect of his superior officers, as he often could discern flaws in battle plans.

Li Dian took part in the famous defense of Hefei Castle as a tactical officer.

Author's Note

A filler character added in purely for flavor purposes. He appeared in the Chinese epic, Three Kingdoms.

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