Portrait Portrait
Name Metallus
Title The Shining Blade
Unit Type Evil Illidan
Age ???
Allegience Dragon Slayers
Soul Power Frost Wave
Appearances 4,6

A powerful swordsman who wears a silly mask over his eyes, Metallus is actually blind. The skull mask he wears allows him to see, but what he longs to see-- his dead wife-- is beyond his vision. The Dragon Slayers approached Metallus, offering him the ability to see his wife once again in exchange for lending his sword to their cause.

Metallus follows a strict code of conduct which only he knows, and is abhorred by the dirty tactics which the Dragon Slayers employ against their enemies. However, the promises of his love were too great to ignore, but only time will tell how far Metallus is willing to go.

Author's Note

His eventual role came later in development when I was selecting designs for the Heroes of Pentawa.

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