Portrait Portrait
Name Miranda
Title Redeye
Unit Type Sentinel
Age 22
Allegience The Resistance
Soul Power Radiant Spiral
Appearances 1,2

Leader of a resistance cell in Arcadia, Miranda is a singer by day and a freedom fighter by night. She is well-known to be one of the most popular idols in the kingdom, yet few know of her training in martial arts. Despite the fact that she is a popular icon Miranda must juggle her dual lifestyle, and must be ever careful not to reveal her secret life to the public.

Author's Note

Pokes fun at Japanese idols and Anime magical girls. Strangely enough it earned her an entry at TVTropes.

Miranda existed prior as a fanfic character as an antagonist to Chika and Ayame, but eventually became an ally against a corrupt school headmaster, Senryu. She was designed as an unarmed martial artist who was quite the tomboy and quite the bully, but her depiction in Wanderers of Sorceria is decidedly more pleasant and has a strong sense of justice. In some ways she could've been the hero of the story.


  • Blade Gauntlet
  • Wyvern Lance

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