Portrait Portrait
Name Mizuki
Title Arcadian Minister of Magic
Unit Type Dryad
Age 25
Allegience Arcadian Ministry
Soul Power None
Appearances 1,2

The mystical warrior Mizuki devotes her time studying the inherent magic locus that lies within the Kingdom of Arcadia. Touching upon this font of power Mizuki uses her power to experiment with new magicks and summon fantastic beasts from far-off planes. She has close ties with the assassin Shizuka, who also wishes to increase her power in the summoning art. The Resistance suspects she is a Black Moon Cultist.

Author's Note

Mizuki is so close to Shizuka they are like sisters. In their backstory Shizuka was so enamored of Mizuki she was angry and disgusted when Mizuki decided to get married to her fiance, and left to make her own way in the world. In some regards everything Shizuka does usually has something to do with her.

Unlike Shizuka, Mizuki is far more proficient with magic. She is the original inheritor of the Viper Swords, and gave one of the pair to Shizuka to symbolize their connection. Since she settled down, though, she hasn't had much to do with any of the fighting.

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