Name Nara the Shadowpath
Title Shadow Weaver
Unit Type Warlock
Age Unknown
Allegience Dragon Slayers
Soul Power None
Appearances 1,2,3,4,5,6

A rival of Hokuto. Nara's purpose in Sorceria is unknown, but she is often seen lurking in the shadows in places where you least suspect it.

Author's Note

A character I retroactively made appear in random locations in every part of the story-- she could be considered the dark one who hounds you throughout the story of Wanderers of Sorceria. If I had thought far enough ahead when I wanted to do this with her, I would've named her Zava, after another Ys character.

At first she was simply going to BE the dark image of Kurumi, much like how Hikaru and Shizuka also have dark images hounding them in the story. I felt that would be redundant to what I did with the other two images, so I changed it so Nara was instead trying to usurp Kurumi's soul for the purposes of gaining actual power in her dominion.

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