Portrait Portrait
Name Nekurow
Title The Darkslayer
Unit Type Death Knight
Age 36
Allegience The Sorcerians
Soul Power Poison Cannon
Appearances 1,2,4,5,6
Voiced By ZeusLegion

Nekurow the demon hunter claims he was reborn the day he died. Long ago, a demon entered his home and slaughtered his family, and left a telltale, three-claw scar across his face. Ever since that day Nekurow vowed to find the same demon and exact revenge, and in this manner he attracted the attention of the god of vengeance. The power of the gods infused Nekurow with enhanced abilities to track and destroy demons with a powerful demon sword at his side. As the agent of revenge Nekurow helps others in the name of bringing torment to the demons-- in revenge for demons terrorizing people in turn. Many of the lesser demons and spirits offer little challenge for the Darkslayer, therefore Nekurow yearns to find evil ones who may have the chance to kill him in order to prevent dying from boredom.

Author's Note

Nekurow is based off the Hunter from Gargoyles, down to his scar. The scar initially did not appear in his portrait graphic until one fan managed to do a proper wrap for it, which is how it appears today.

Unexpectedly a lot of people seem to have taken a liking to him in spite of the fact he was made to be of poor character, and some have asked me why I never 'finished' his story. The main reason is scope-- his conflict with Sypha is not the focus in this story as opposed to his rivalry with Shizuka.


  • Orpheus Long Sword

Books 1 and 2

BTN Holy Light  
BTN Immolation  
BTN Feral Spirits  
BTN Animate Dead Ultimate

Book 3

BTN Holy Light  
BTN Feral Spirits Summons 2 Nekurow Wolves.
BTN Siphon Mana  
BTN Summon Juggernaut Ultimate. Summons Nekurow Juggernaut.
BTN Soul Power Poison Cannon

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