Portrait Portrait
Name Sazabi
Title Iron Troll
Unit Type Shadow Hunter
Age 38
Allegience Zandalar Tribe
Soul Power Soul Recall
Appearances 2,3,5

Sazabi is actually a master chef, but make no mistake, he can hold his own in battle with his powerful totems. Although Sazabi is not the chieftain of the Viperfang Clan, nor is he technically a member, this traveling troll has been adopted by the clan as an honorary member. Sazabi himself wanders the land from tribe to tribe, learning about the various troll tribes and their allies, and ever searching for the perfect ingredients in his next great dish. This Shadow Hunter has dedicated his life to recreating a recipe his late master worked on, and travels from here to there, sampling new dishes and adding more cooking skills to his already-huge repretoir. It is said that his volumes of cookbooks are hidden away, and any apprentice chef would kill to find it.

Spiritual by nature, Sazabi looks toward the karma in a person before judging by appearance.

Author's Note

Formerly an optional character in Book 2 who almost certainly became mandatory in later revisions of his introductionary level. The basis of his character was off a pissed unit response on the Troll Witch Doctor-- the one referring to Iron Chef. In a sense, he is essentially a traveling chef.

He was originally meant to go to Sorceria in Book 6, but I determined he was expendable when I was paring down the number of Heroes. I created Shadra for this purpose alone. Sazabi is one of the few characters to genuinely get a happy ending.


  • Troll Bloodsaw Flying Sword
BTN Healing Wave  
BTN Hex  
BTN Serpent Ward  
BTN Voodoo Spirits Ultimate
BTN Soul Power Soul Recall

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