Portrait Portrait
Name Scaldar Saberfang
Title First General of Coron-Nerub
Unit Type Nerubian Spider Lord
Age 33
Allegience Nerubian Army
Soul Power Arctic Blast
Appearances 1,2,3,5,6
Voiced By Zeroc

The Kingdom of Corona was the ancient civilization that inhabited the magic-rich land of Arcadia, but this great empire befell an unnamed disaster in the past, one which no Nerubian can recall, from memory or historical texts. Nevertheless, Lord Kosseimaru secured the now-underground empire's loyalties, and now these spiderian creatures serve the Ministry with great zeal. Scaldar is one such Spider Lord serving the Ministry, and serves as both a representative and an assassin. The third assassin does not speak often unless spoken to, and often expresses himself better with slow nods or brief gestures. Very few humanoids can discern his emotions, and fewer still are the range of his friends among them.

Author's Note

I took up a fascination of the Nerubians after playing the standard Warcraft campaign, and decided to include a Nerubian Hero and expand upon it. In some respects Scaldar is a recycled character from my Starcraft campaigns-- Xaax the Defiler.


  • Nails of Sagila artifact Bone Nails

Books 1 and 2

BTN Death Coil  
BTN Sleep  
BTN Vampiric Aura  
BTN Tranquility Ultimate

Book 3

With Velcana Nightweaver rising as the new queen of the empire of Coron-Nerub, Scaldar became the highest general in the Coronian army. His previous relations with the human Kanna drastically changed his outlook, and now Scaldar spends a great deal of his free time studying war manuals drafted by the humans-- particularly the ones stashed in Kanna's collection. Taking upon himself the Art of War and the Way of the General, Scaldar hopes to outwit his human opponents by studying human nature itself.

BTN Death Coil  
BTN Web  
BTN Vampiric Aura  
BTN Lurker Ultimate
BTN Soul Power Arctic Blast

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