Name Senryu
Title Arcadian Minister of Faith
Unit Type Priest
Age 32
Allegience Arcadian Ministry
Soul Power None
Appearances 1,2

Although the center of Arcadian society lies on research and development, a spiritual center balances their lives. Senryu worships no one god, and encourages the people of Arcadia to pay tribute to each god as given due, even the dark gods. It is his believe that a balanced lifestyle brings peace of mind, something which is lacking since the upheaval of Queen Arcadia. Of the Ministry it is Senryu who is perhaps most sympathetic to the rebels.

Author's Note

Initially appeared in a fanfic as an antagonistic school headmaster who was summoning a demon into the world (sounds like a plot from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, doesn't it?). He wasn't such a fascinating character, but his appearance in Wanderers of Sorceria was more kind to him. He is otherwise a filler character, and a means to make the Ministers seem more sympathetic.

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