Portrait Portrait
Name Shion
Title Arcadian Minister of Intelligence
Unit Type Acolyte
Age 25
Allegience Arcadian Ministry
Soul Power None
Appearances 1,2

The Minister of Intelligence follows closely in the footsteps of the Prime Minister, as his department is one of intrigue and plotting. Shion's task is to root out the resistance and crush it utterly, or thwart their attempts to subvert the government, and he carries out these orders with great accuracy. Called the Dragon by the Resistance, one of the two great beasts that protects Kosseimaru's regime.

Author's Note

The leader of Fire Wheel, Shizuka's boyfriend, Chika's step-brother, and an all-around nice guy. Also came from a fanfic. Conceptually he's a super nerd, and a sort of parody of the guy central to the harem anime that seems to have a lot of girls after him just for BEING a nice guy. Purposefully, he is rather ruthless and protective of his network, and very shy about his identity. He is aware of a budding relationship with Shizuka, but refuses to let it get in the way of his dream. Maybe on some level he doesn't believe he could land such a fantastic woman (although Shizuka is far from the typical lead female already).

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