Name Duke Shivak
Title Lord of the Burning Legion
Unit Type Dreadlord
Age ???
Allegience Burning Legion
Soul Power None
Appearances 6

The current Governor of the South District in Sorceria. Duke Shivak was sent to Sorceria by his master, Prince Malchezzar, who openned a portal from the mystical citadel Karazhan. As his forces are currently stranded in Sorceria Shivak seeks to carve his own kingdom while building a suitable outpost for a future invasion by the Legion.

Author's Note

Shivak is the ultimate tie of the campaign to the mainline Warcraft series in that he is explicitly a high-ranking general of the Burning Legion. Prince Malchezzar is the final boss of Karazhan who boasts that all realities, and all dimensions, are open to him-- making it a perfect vehicle to send a lost expedition.

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