Portrait Portrait
Name Shizuka
Title Priestess of Water, the Silencer
Unit Type Assassin
Age 21
Allegience Unknown
Soul Power Death Spiral
Appearances 1,2,3,4,5,6
Voiced By Spaces

She arrived in Arcadia a week before Lord Kosseimaru overthrew Queen Arcadia; it is speculated by the resistance that she is the catalyst of the revolt. A demon hunter by trade, Shizuka is a very powerful summoner for someone her age, such that some believe she is a chosen of a dark god. Now serving under Kosseimaru as an assassin Shizuka fights to maintain her lord's hold on the kingdom.

Shizuka is the earthly vessel of the disembodied fallen moon god, Deathclaw. Unlike other forms of possession Shizuka retains complete control of her body, and Deathclaw cannot act unless she wills it, or Shizuka becomes incapacitated.

Author's Note

She is the first of the orignal characters I created in my fanfic writing days (although technically Johan and Kanna predate her). Conceptually she was designed after I asked the question, "what would it be like if Sakura (lead female in the Sakura Wars series) was on the side of evil?" and her appearance was influenced by Mint from Tales of Phantasia. The result was a rather good-looking snarky jerkass who had good intentions and went about them in rather unpleasant ways.

Of all the characters I created Shizuka has the strongest personality, and with such a strong personality she often can dictate direction a story can go by sheer force of will. It's happened plenty of times in fanfic, and it happened several times in Wanderers of Sorceria as well. In some places a situation may seem fine on paper, until that voice in your head tells you "No, that's stupid, THIS is how you're supposed to do it!" and bam.

Part of her character that doesn't come across all that well in the campaign is she is much stronger in her more reality-based form than in her dream form. At the start of the story she had more spells and less clothes, and by Book 6 she has even more clothes and less spells. Her primary source of magic in her reality form are all based on empowered objects of power-- in this case, summoning beads, rifle shells, Kanna's necklace, and the Dragon Horn.

Shizuka secretly goes nuts over buying frilly dresses, but conceals it (rather poorly) from her friends in order to maintain her 'badass' image. Yes, they all know she is quite girly, but they won't say anything about it, either.


  • Orochi artifact Japanese Long Sword
  • Twin Viper #1 Japanese Short Sword
  • Twin Viper #2 Japanese Short Sword

Books 1 and 2


Chain Lightning

BTN Mirror Image  
BTN Trueshot Aura  
BTN Starfall Ultimate

Book 3

Shaken by the revelation that her estranged younger brother is also a prisoner in the world, Shizuka discovered that she hates what Hikaru has become. Selfishly thinking that she should shoulder the burden of war alone, the priestess parts ways in order to give Hikaru a chance to see that she was correct. In her travels with Ziel she takes in Kasumi, a pathetic assassin sent from one of Ziel's enemies. Shizuka takes pity on Kasumi and resolves to teach her how to survive in the world.

Shizuka has had prior contact with several powerful beings, and Ziel suspects she knows more about what's going on than she is letting on. The Orochi sword is Shizuka's link back to her true existence on Earth, which undid the enchantments that made her forget it. The power of the artifact destroyed the enchantments and erased any semblance of her life in the world (unlike the other Sorcerians), and now Shizuka is obsessed with returning home. It is this fact that may make her the most dangerous Sorcerian for the forces of darkness.


Cone of Frost

BTN Blade Barrier  
BTN Aikido Reversal  
BTN Requiem Blade  
BTN Starfall Ultimate
BTN Soul Power Death Spiral; the power of the spiral amplifies greatly when coupled with the Dragon Horn.

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