Portrait Portrait
Name Shyron Moonseeker
Title Priestess of Wind
Unit Type Ranger
Age Unknown
Allegience Zande Witches
Soul Power None
Appearances 1,2

One of the senior priestesses in the Zande society. Although she wishes to do battle with the Arcadian Ministry she has personal ties with one of its agents, and is torn between loyalty to her people and her loyalty to her friend. Due to this Shyron was stripped of responsibilities until she can decide for certain which one she sided with. She is an expert archer and can summon the power of the cold or searing sun to her call.

Author's Note

A sort of filler character to give a rival to Shizuka in the early story. She wasn't originally going to come back in Book 2 as Shizuka would've killed her for real in Book 1.

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