Portrait Portrait
Name 'Six' Rokusaburo
Title Silver Clam Champion
Unit Type Murloc Flesheater
Age 29
Allegience Silver Clam Tribe
Soul Power Frost Wave
Appearances 3,5,6
Voiced By Magic

His peers dubbed him 'Six' because they have trouble pronouncing his name, and Rokusaburo has accepted it. Serving as a protector of his village he fights against an evil empire, the Jin Dynasty, bent on putting his village under their control. Six would like nothing better than another kingdom destroy the Jin Dynasty, but he is unable to recognize the consequences if the conquerers turn out to be worse than his enemies.

Author's Note

Created as part of a Murloc craze spawned from Warcraft 3. At some point I had an intention for this character, but that somehow got lost in the mix somewhere, so he ended up as a crazed, vengeful character. In some ways you could say I lost interest in him and had to reinvent him in order to keep him somewhat relevant.


  • Murloc Bone Sword

BTN Ensnare  
BTN Ray of Disruption Chain dispel
BTN Plague Aura  
BTN Power Strike Ultimate
BTN Soul Power Frost Wave

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