Portrait Portrait
Name Sorana
Title None
Unit Type Assassin
Age 21
Allegience Dragon Slayers
Soul Power Hydra Storm
Appearances 2,4

Created by Arcadia as a gift to Shyron, Sorana took the name of Shyron's mother in her honor, and to distinguish herself from her original, Shizuka. Having allied with the Zande Witches, the replica has taken a life of her own, now that she has the taste of living without the dragon Deathclaw living within her. Sorana's exact agenda is unknown, but like Shizuka she cannot stand the thought that another of her is running around out there somewhere, and therefore she wishes to become the 'only' Shizuka.

Sorana's personality springs from Shizuka's unconscious desires. As a result, she has an insatiable sex drive, but considering her company, there is never a man around when she needs one.

Author's Note

She also appeared as a fanfic character, but she was simply 'Evil Shizuka' in that she was just a dark (actually LIGHT) counterpart. Sorana was named after a Diablo 2 character I made, and her concept was the original idea behind the Zande Witches. Sorana is mostly a gimmick-- a sex-crazed maniac who can't seem to seal the deal with anyone, which somewhat also reflects Shizuka's own frustrations.

Sorana was based off the dual character aspects in the Samurai Shodown series, particularly Shiki, whose secondary form was also a pale-skinned, rather suggestive character.


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