Portrait Portrait
Name Tendaro
Title Matriarch of the Zande
Unit Type Priestess of the Moon
Age Unknown
Allegience Zande Witches
Soul Power Unknown
Appearances 1,2,4

The reclusive leader of the Zande warrior witches, Tendaro is a high priestess touched by the gods. She fully believes in divine right and supports Queen Arcadia, while condemning Lord Kosseimaru and his allies, the Nerubians of Corona. She has lived far longer than any humans realize, yet she retains the appearance of a woman in her mid-twenties. Although she would like to lead her people against Arcadia she is waiting for the one the seeress Sarah foretold would come, awaiting her role in the coming conflict patiently.

Author's Note

As a ruler she was mostly a filler character. Overall, Tendaro was simply the face of the Zande Witches, much like how Kazgaroth was the face of the Satyr Army.

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