Name Tessai
Title The Mountain
Unit Type Mountain Giant
Age ???
Allegience Dragon Slayers
Soul Power  
Appearances 5

Formerly a piece of the landscape, Mount Tessai in the southern continent, this hulking demon was awakened through potent sorcery. As a living force of nature Tessai cannot feel pain as normal flesh creatures can, and has proven to be strongly resistant to damage. Tessai, the embodiment of the mountain from which he was born, abhors civilization and instinctively tramples it to the exclusion of any other threat (usually that which came from said civilization). For that reason Tessai's power is often leashed by another of the Dragon Slayers-- that is to say, where Tessai can be found, another Dragon Slayer is not far behind.

Author's Note

This character was created to fill out the ranks of the Dragon Slayers. He is inspired after a similar character that appeared in the Inuyasha anime series.

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