Name Vadis
Title The Dragon King
Unit Type Green Dragon
Age Unknown
Allegience Green Dragons
Soul Power Unknown
Appearances 2

Not much is known about the great Dragon King, but it is widely known by all tribes in the forests that Vadis is the one whom all the Green Dragons answer to. Unlike the other fabled Dragon Kings Vadis enjoys watching the mortal ants that are the troll clans fight each other and worship his people; although he no longer enjoys raiding villages regularly he enjoys the tribute and fear of the trolls. Vadis is wholly uninterested in hoarding treasure, therefore his cave is littered with all sorts of baubles and garbage the trolls find for him. If a dispute among the younger dragons occurs, one can be certain Vadis will not be far away, and that the clash will end quickly. The great Dragon King reigns unchallenged by any of his kind, and that is how he would like it to remain.

Author's Note

Vadis is named after an antagonist in the original Sorcerian game.

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