Name Xevious
Title The Bright
Unit Type Kodo Beast
Age ???
Allegience Dragon Slayers
Soul Power  
Appearances 3

One of the last great leaders of the Yellow Turban rebels, Xevious signed up with the Dragon Slayers in an attempt to ensure the Jin Dynasty's destruction. When the rebellion ended in failure Xevious went into hiding, biding his time until the Dragon Slayers called for his services again.

Xevious hates the Jin Dynasty with a burning passion, and wishes to avenge his fallen comrades on the vile Jin dogs. The reasoning for his rebellion is unclear, but it is commonly believed the Yellow Turban rebels were dissatisfied with the oppressive Jin rule, and wished to replace it with the Yellow Turban leader, Bannon, as its head.

Author's Note

Named after an old vertical shooter, he was only a filler character.

BTN Shockwave  
BTN War Stomp  
BTN Endurance Aura  
BTN Reincarnation Ultimate

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